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Title: CWOP data not being uploaded
Post by: cayman wx on January 23, 2018, 03:15:43 AM
I have just realized that my data is not being received and findu/NOAA shows that no reports are received.

The internet button on the CWOP/APRS data send page shows APRS whereas it used to show CWOP but this may just be a version difference. Interestingly I just clicked the "test" button and I can view my data using the link on the setup page.
The main internet switch is on so I wonder if there is another switch that I need to turn up also.

I have double checked the setup data against an installation that works and there is no obvious why my reports don't make it through to the end.

Version is 10.37R build 81      Windows 10 (latest update)

Any suggestions on what I need to look for to get things working again?