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Chatter / Re: added MQTT support
« Last post by renatohtpc on Today at 01:49:07 PM »

Here is an example of the "art of possible" I came across last night.

To implement this, all is needed is to replace the WeatherLink source (i.e. the http request object) with the message coming from WD. Also, some of the Function objects would have to be modified as well to account for available datapoints.

1) Currently working on a NR script that would persist the message in a MySQL database.  Trying to decide if storing the message as a single JSON datatype or individual columns......
2) Persist the data in a timeseries database (i.e. InfluxDB) for later rendering on a dashboard (i.e. Grafana)

Next we could look at replacing the FTP process all together by having a script run on the web server that would subscribe to the message and convert it into a text file to b e stored locally (i.e. pull vs push).

Will keep you posted on the progress

WD Questions / Re: TFA Nexus sensors over Meteohub to WD
« Last post by Amortalis on Today at 12:33:00 PM »
IT IS working but I would love to have the same sensor descriptions also on PC (Weather Display) like defined on meteohub. It would make my life easier to check the values....
I never said that is not working ans sorry if my question was not correctly formulated or incomplete....

Thanks for your reply

Chatter / Re: added MQTT support
« Last post by vk2him on Today at 12:22:55 PM »
Hi Renato - It's taken me a few days to do testing etc

Partial success - long story short - for unknown reasons running Node-red on my Synology won't allow me to connect to the Mqtt broker thats also running on the Synology. WD is able to publish to the broker fine and I can subscribe to the broker using a test mqtt.fx app. I can connect from Node-red on the synology to another mqtt device on a different IP and it works fine, I even created some new gauges to display the other mqtt data. I then tried installing Node-red on my windows laptop and I could connect to the Synology broker and display the WD gauges.

So something is broken on the Synology that doesn't allow Node-red to connect - I tried localhost and as well as the IP of the Synology without luck. I even tried a different Node-red docker container and it had the same problem.

I'll keep checking ... thanks anyway
Just noticed that another tag displays at the same location like in the image.
Saying Solar: 79 W/m2
No UV displayed.
That was the last value from the hobbyboards solarsensor when I updated to the new version supporting WF Solar, I guess.

The UV Steelseries gauge shows 0.0 UV, then WF's value, back to 0.0 UV again, WF's value, 0.0 UV....etc

Also, Cronweatherflow is displaying an Error 143 Busy performing current action at time....
Upperleftcorner beneath ok, ok, ok

Percentage and sunhours do not change, maybe related?
WD for Linux / Re: Can I run 2 instances WD
« Last post by gumnut on Today at 02:20:50 AM »
Hi Thanks very much for that
WD for Linux / Re: Can I run 2 instances WD
« Last post by niko on Today at 01:48:36 AM »
Yes, just follow the procedure in this FAQ.
WD for Linux / Can I run 2 instances WD
« Last post by gumnut on Today at 01:44:38 AM »
Hi, is it possible to run two instances of WD for two separate stations on the one PC without having to run a virtual machine/box?
WD Questions / Re: WD or Meteotemplate minor quirk with rain for day
« Last post by Mtn_Man on April 17, 2019, 08:17:06 PM »
I'll get those updated files installed, and let you know the results.  Probably won't be until this weekend based on the forecast.
 :oops: - Thanks as I would have never caught that :)

Outstanding - works perfectly.  I'm now officially on php 7.3 - thanks for all your script updates !!!!
Your wxhiloavg.php has
Code: [Select]
include_once("hilowavg2.php") but the script is named hiloavg2.php (no 'w' in the name), so change it to
Code: [Select]
BTW.. it is working on my test site (PHP 7.2.13) here
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