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Mobile web sites / Re: Android widget to display clientraw.txt
« Last post by Scirocco on Today at 11:53:58 AM »
Thank you Nico. Notifidgets din't work for me. It only shows me the notification, not the weather widget.
WD Feature Suggestions / Re: Support for the Lufft R2S sensor
« Last post by Asperitas on Today at 11:31:16 AM »
Thanks alot for the fast reply, much appreciated.

I basically use the same connection on my datalogger where the old tipping bucket was connected, so that doesnt change.

But the amount is recorded in 0,01mm, so thats different to the old situation.

And it records the precipitation type.
Heres the precipitation type, the name correspond to a number:
Dry= 0
Rain= 10
Snow= 20
Sleet= 30
Freezing Rain= 40
Hail= 50

So ideally there is an extra datafield added to the datafield/cronpakbusnew i think, to show the precipitation type name?

I dont know if the precipitation type can be graphed or use a colour in the precipitation graph, like blue is rain, red is hail or otherwise...?
WD Bug Reports / WD won't load
« Last post by teal on Today at 11:18:37 AM »
  Hi, I cannot seem to load WD. It just stops responding  while trying to load see upload pictures, it will run 10.37R  B81 OK. I was using 10.37S B71 & it was running fine until today, I have installed B72 but still it won't load. I have the PC running 27/7, & today I turned on the monitor only to see that it had for some reason it had shut down & then tried to reload but it did not (see uploads), can only think that the PC rebooted & WD tried to restart ( I have delay start turned on ) .

  many thanks .

WD Feature Suggestions / Re: Support for the Lufft R2S sensor
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 10:18:44 AM »
ideally need a lot more information about the data format etc
WD for Linux / Re: RB Pi3 3, WH1080
« Last post by dersupergrobi on Today at 10:10:57 AM »
it seems my probelm was solved by magic dust and magic wand:

i had problems with ETH losses all other day,
had the Pi3 connected with a Ethernet over power connector.

after i moved the pi3 directly to the switch all works fine.
no more rain where i hav no rain, works as designed now
WD Questions / Wind Direction Graph
« Last post by jevans on Today at 08:20:41 AM »
How do I get the Grid Lines back?
WD Feature Suggestions / Support for the Lufft R2S sensor
« Last post by Asperitas on Today at 05:09:06 AM »
Hi Brian,

Is it possible to have WD read the Lufft R2S sensor?
It will be connected to the Campbell datalogger.
It has a resolution of 0,01 mm and a value which shows the precipitation type in the form of a number, corresponding Rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, hail etc.
It will replace my (broken) 0,2mm tipping bucket sensor.
WD Questions / Re: Webcam question
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 03:57:01 AM »
why are you wanting to update it?
WD Questions / Webcam question
« Last post by ALITTLEweird1 on Today at 02:45:08 AM »
I'm looking into updating my logitech 9000 camera.  Will any usb camera work with wd? Thanks
WD Questions / Re: Vaisala WXT510/20/30 data stream parsing interface
« Last post by Dale Reid on Today at 01:40:22 AM »
Thanks.  It is hard to test with bringing it down, changing some parameters and then testing. 

You saved me a bunch of time, to say the least.  I of course will test, but I'll proceed with some plans thanks to your nice response.
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