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WD Questions / Re: Strange weather email
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 06:48:17 PM »
that looks like you have tried to send an attachment (e.g an image)...but that image has not been encoded correctly
WD does work with the WH3081
re the wifi station
WD can be set to get the data from WU (using their new api ,you need to get a new api key)
Weather Station Equipment / Re: Budget weather station
« Last post by Colin J on Today at 06:41:05 PM »
 The Technoline works with Heavy weather, same as my La Crosse. I found an online manual here-

 The Velleman works with Easy weather. Here is their webpage with links to downloads-.

 I am leaning towards the Technoline ws2307 as it appears to use the same sensors as the La Crosse, of which I have some spares.
 Also after a forum search for ws2307 it seems that some other forum members have used them.
WD Questions / Strange weather email
« Last post by stewart45 on Today at 06:27:57 PM »
trying to get a weather email sent works ok but what I get is this, any ideas

WEATHER REPORT FROM: Newlands 18:15:19 03/25/2019
Newlands <>
18:15 (8 minutes ago)
to stewart45
----boundary.ipw.201903125181519.2299406004.0 Content-Type: application/octet-stream Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 IA0KQ1VSUkVOVCBXRUFUSEVSIFJFUE9SVCBGUk9NOiBOZXdsYW5kcyBXZWF0aGVyIFN0YXRp b24sIA0KU2tlbHRvbiAtaW4tQ2xldmVsYW5kLCBVSw0KDQpyZXBvcnQgY3JlYXRlZCAxODox NSAyNS8zLzIwMTkNClN1bnJpc2UgMDU6NTQNClN1bnNldCAxODoyNg0KQ29uZGl0aW9uczog RHJ5IA0KVGVtcGVyYXR1cmU6IDYuMWMNClRyZW5kOiAgICs2LjFjDQpBdmVyYWdlIHdpbmRz cGVlZDogMC4wa3BoDQpDdXJyZW50IHNwZWVkOiAwLjBrcGgNCkRpcmVjdGlvbjogICAgIFNF DQpCYXJvbWV0ZXI6IDEwMzIuOW1iDQpQcmVzc3VyZSB0cmVuZCArMTAzMi45IGhwYW1iDQpI dW1pZGl0eTogNzENCg0KVG9kYXlzIHJhaW46ICAgMC4wbW0NCk1vbnRobHkgcmFpbjogNTgu OG1tDQpZZWFybHkgcmFpbjogOTcuNG1tDQpNYXhpbXVtIHRlbXBlcmF0dXJlOjE3LjZjICBh dCB0aW1lOiAwODoyMA0KTWluaW11bSB0ZW1wZXJhdHVyZTo0LjljICBhdCB0aW1lOjA3OjQ4 DQpNYXhpbXVtIGd1c3QgdG9kYXk6NTMuN2twaCBhdCB0aW1lOiAxNjoyNw0KTWF4IGd1c3Qg bGFzdCAxMCBtaW5zOjogNC44a3BoDQpDdXJyZW50IFdpbmRjaGlsbDogNi4xYw0KDQoNClNv bGFyIHJhZGlhdGlvbjogNQ0KVVY6MC4wDQpTdW5zaGluZSBob3VycyBmb3IgZGF5IHNvIGZh cjogICAgMTE6NDQNClN1bnNoaW5lIGhvdXJzIHllc3RlcmRheSAgMDc6MjkNClN1bnNoaW5l IGhvdXJzIGZvciBtb250aDogIDEyMjE6MDQgDQpTdW5zaGluZSBob3VycyBmb3IgeWVhcjog IDEzMzM6MzggDQoNCg0KDQogICBXWFNJTSB0ZXh0IGZvcmVjYXN0IGZvciBTa2VsdG9uLCBp bml0aWFsaXplZCBhdCAgMTowMCBQTSAyNSBNYXIsIDIwMTkNCiANCl9fX19fX19fX19fX19f X19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fX19fXw0K X19fX19fX19fX19fXw0KIA0KIFRoaXMgYWZ0ZXJub29uOiBDbGVhci4gSGlnaCA5LiBXaW5k IG5vcnRoIGFyb3VuZCAxMyBrcGgsIGd1c3RpbmcgdG8gMzUga3BoLg0KIA0KIFRvbmlnaHQ6 IENsZWFyIGluIHRoZSBldmVuaW5nLCBiZWNvbWluZyBwYXJ0bHkgdG8gbW9zdGx5IGNsb3Vk eSBhZnRlciBtaWRuaWdodC4NCiBMb3cgMi4gV2luZCBzb3V0aC1zb3V0aHdlc3QgYXJvdW5k IDcga3BoIGluIHRoZSBldmVuaW5nLCBiZWNvbWluZyB3ZXN0IGFmdGVyDQogbWlkbmlnaHQu DQogDQogVHVlc2RheTogUGFydGx5IHRvIG1vc3RseSBjbG91ZHkgaW4gdGhlIG1vcm5pbmcs IGJlY29taW5nIHBhcnRseSBjbG91ZHkgaW4gdGhlDQogYWZ0ZXJub29uLiBIaWdoIDExLiBX aW5kIHdlc3Qtbm9ydGh3ZXN0IGFyb3VuZCAxNCBrcGgsIGd1c3RpbmcgdG8gMzAga3BoLg0K IA0KIFR1ZXNkYXkgbmlnaHQ6IEZhaXIuIExvdyAyLiBXaW5kIHdlc3Qtbm9ydGh3ZXN0IGFy b3VuZCA5IGtwaC4NCiANCiBXZWRuZXNkYXk6IFBhcnRseSB0byBtb3N0bHkgc3VubnkgaW4g dGhlIG1vcm5pbmcsIGJlY29taW5nIHBhcnRseSB0byBtb3N0bHkNCiBjbG91ZHkgaW4gdGhl IGFmdGVybm9vbi4gSGlnaCAxMy4gV2luZCB3ZXN0LW5vcnRod2VzdCBhcm91bmQgMTEga3Bo

I am looking at doing a couple of things and would like to know if WD can cope

1.  Move from cumulus to WD, I have a fine offset weatherstation with solar (and 5 years data)
2.  My weatherstation is also limping along so want to replace it with an EcoWitt HP2551 (it is wifi connected only)... so I can either retrieve the data using an SD card or get WD to retrieve the data from either weather underground or WOW... is this possible?

Any suggestionswould be great

Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: How to setup jpgraphs and wxgraphs
« Last post by niko on Today at 04:56:45 PM »
I have run my site on Litespeed, it will not be a problem.
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: How to setup jpgraphs and wxgraphs
« Last post by broadstairs on Today at 04:43:24 PM »
I just downloaded the free version of JPGraphs 4.2.6 and it does indeed have an src folder. If yours is missing then something is wrong. If the src folder is missing they graphs will NOT work. Dont know anything about Litespeed web server so cannot help there.


Edit: I just tested my install with 4.2.6 using Apache and it works fine.
WD Questions / Re: Updating to latest version
« Last post by youngros on Today at 11:35:30 AM »
The only thing that I noticed was that when WD started the logger download didn't do anything, it just hung so I aborted that and the data loaded. There is only 10 minutes missing, which is nothing, it isn't raining yet! Normally that just flashes up and then disappears. Until I start it up again I won't know if this will happen again.
Other than that I haven't noticed anything else not working yet. I have changed the shortcut to WeatherDisplay.exe and also edited the Task Scheduler to the same.
So far so good.
If only I could fix my graphs as quickly  :(
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: How to setup jpgraphs and wxgraphs
« Last post by youngros on Today at 10:37:24 AM »
I found an older 3.5 version of jpgraphs to try that and see if it works and I still get the same result. The newest version does not have the src folder, but that shouldn't make a difference. I get the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors, but I don't know what the errors are.
The only difference with the hosting is that I am using Litespeed but it is the same php version as previously used and GD is enabled.
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