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My solar has a place for a bar but no color.

Do I need to change something?
WD Bug Reports / Re: Edit Snow Total
« Last post by CNYWeather on Today at 03:21:15 PM »
Thank you Brian. That did the trick. All set now.

And I got another email this morning from another viewer of the data telling me it was wrong yesterday.
I mean come on...........
WD Questions / Re: 1-wire reader & laser sensor
« Last post by mikeym on Today at 02:40:49 PM »
Hi Brian

Yes, all worked GREAT here with "snowtoday" resetting at midnight - THANK YOU   \:D/



  • Rainfall graph date issues fixed.
  • Now Internet Explorer compatible.
  • UV gauge now works properly without solar enabled.

Great stuff! I think a donation is in order. . .
It's an inevitable result of using a rotary potentiometer (pot) as the sensing element. There must be a small gap between the two ends of the track. The result still meets Davis wind direction spec of +/- 3 degrees.
WD Questions / Re: 1-wire reader & laser sensor
« Last post by EastMasonvilleWX on Today at 01:35:18 PM »
Hi Brian,

I have been following along. This is a significant upgrade and sets Weather Display apart from any other software.

Looks to me that the update worked. Everything reset at midnight and started counting up from zero after that.

Nicely Done!

It is a "feature" of the hardware Davis use. There is a dead zone around the North position.
You are not alone, IE11 here too, my favourite browser.
Must be updated version.
Hangs on collecting.....
Used to work.

This one hangs

This one loads fine.

I checked out links in this thread and all are hanging except those two from

All good, working now.
 :greenjumpers: IE11 :thumbright:

I noticed that the wind direction on the VP2 console is able to show one step but not from 0 to 360 degrees.
From 5 degrees to 351 degrees, you can display 1 degree on the console.
The following units are then displayed.
355,360, and 5 degrees.
The remaining units do not work, and I wonder what the problem might be.
I use the 3.15 console version.
It is possible that there is a problem in the anemometer itself, I really do not know.
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