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Title: Irrigation soil moisture board
Post by: MichaelPT on April 04, 2018, 04:14:18 PM
Hi everybody

I've been experimenting with a small module that I purchased from eBay
the module comes with a water sensor probe, it's made from a piece of printed circuit board

When I received the module I cut off the water sensor probe and replaced it with the one I make in-house
My soil moisture sensor is also used with the HB moisture circuit board I have the newer type board which as three soil moisture sensors attached and one leaf wet sensor attached
 this is working perfectly inweather display

The printed circuit board I'm experimenting with as a neat little display which can be used to monitor soil moisture
 it has a small relay which Could be used to attach a buzzer, solenoid Water switch, water pump

I put some info on my webpage
Still experimenting