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Title: Multiple WL problems
Post by: sasman on January 22, 2010, 01:32:04 PM

Virtual VP problems
I am running WD and WL. I am using a serial logger no Tcp/ip.
All worked fine for 20-25 days...

WL has started shutting down….5.9 will still not create/upload its internet jpg’s.
5.8.1 did for a while….

Also; ”browse” records" is only displaying the last 7 lines of the report and only the time and date column….!!
And i get the standard windows message saying WL needs to shut down after a short while
Suddenly my 7 year rain database got all messed up. Now i only have January 2010...

WD is working fine.
Please advice what file copies you may need to solve my problems.

Trond Kvitvaer