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Title: MML Serial Number errors
Post by: administrator on November 30, 2005, 12:49:34 PM
You've bought a licence for standalone MML and an annual data feed subscription, but when you set it up on your web site, MML gives a Serial Number error. What's wrong?

The are (currently!) three possible reasons for this:

1) When you bought the standalone MML licence you provided the URL of the website you will be using it from. Your licence is therefore registered for use on that webstie (and only that website). The registered site must exactly match the host+domain that MML is running from. So if you registered your licence for but you then set it up on you'll get a serial number error when you try to use it. You can do one of two things here. Either use MML from the site you registered it against, or change the registered site name. You can change the registered site name from the MML Management Centre, or if you're not sure what to do, PM administrator or Softvark with details of your MML username and the website address you want to run MML from and we'll sort it out for you.

2) The PC you're viewing your MML site on cannot communicate with the server for some reason. The Serial Number error is misleading in this case and in the next release we'll modify the error message to include both options. This hasn't been seen too often, but as it's happened more than once it's worth mentioning it. The examples of this found in the past have involved a problem with the network or routing local to the user. Rebooting your PC and/or broadband/ADSL router may fix the problem. In one case it proved to be a problem with the user's ISP. When you suspect this problem, it's usually worth posting a question in the forum. Being a local problem it usually affects only one user, so if others can view your MML map then it's likely to be this problem.

3) The server has crashed, or is shut down for maintenance or is currently too busy to respond. Fortunately this isn't a common problem. If you suspect this problem, try accessing the forum. If you can't access the forum then the server is down (deliberately or crashed). If you can access the forum but it seems very sluggish then there is probably a problem with server performance. If you can access the forum, post a message so that I'll see it and can investigate.