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WD Feature Suggestions / Re: uRADMonitor Support
« Last post by Brientim on Today at 10:21:52 AM »
that looks doable
do you have one?
Excellent! I also have on and current import into HomeSeer.

Imports System.Web.Script.Serialization

Sub Main(ByVal Parm As Object)

    hs.WriteLog("uRad Data Retrive Started", "(uRad_data.vb script) Scripting is OK and is now running uRad_data.vb")
        Dim InputString as String

InputString = hs.GetURL("IP_Address","/j",TRUE,80)
Dim json As New JavaScriptSerializer
        Dim dataObj As jsonStructure = json.Deserialize(Of jsonStructure)(InputString)

   '    {"data":{ "id":"8200000C","type":"8","detector":"SI29BG","voltage":380,"cpm":17,"temperature":33.78,"humidity":33.00,"pressure":99968,"voc":244751,"co2":467,"ch2o":0.03,"pm25":1,"uptime": 181416}}


hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(473,, True)
hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(474,, True)
        hs.SetDeviceValueByRef(2360,, True)

    Catch ex As Exception : hs.writelog("Urad Test Script", "Error:  " & ex.Message.ToString)
    End Try

    hs.WriteLog("uRad Data Retrive Finished", "(uRad_data.vb script) Scripting is OK and has now finished uRad_data.vb")

End Sub

Public Class jsonStructure
    Public data As data
End Class

Public Class data
    Public Property id As String
    Public Property type As String
    Public Property detector As String
    Public Property cpm As Integer
    Public Property temperature As Decimal
    Public Property humidity As Decimal
    Public Property pressure As Integer
    Public Property voc As Integer
    Public Property co2 As Integer
    Public Property ch2o As Decimal
    Public Property pm25 As Integer
    Public Property uptime As Double

End Class
Not sure if this has been mentioned but I'd like the option to turn off the forecast text shown from WD as I dont use that forecast on my site. I use WXSim for my forecasting. Adding the latest WXSim forecast would be problematic so just for me the option to remove the text would be good.

WD Questions / Re: Rain offset for when importing data
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 05:28:47 AM »
OK, so live data is OK , its just the history data
I will check my code
WD Questions / Re: Main Display
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 03:25:28 AM »
what is the barometer offset in WD?
is the barometer working on the weather station console?
the more information you can provide the better
WD Questions / Re: Main Display
« Last post by Fcfrey on Today at 02:53:57 AM »

Working on my system on my Win 7 machine (has the same block) (10.37R build 81). My USB / Serial adapter is not passing data (both green but not counting). Comport error in main header is gone. But stilll not working. Exact setup as the old XP Build.

Do you have any recommendations on an adapter that works with win 7.
WD Feature Suggestions / Re: uRADMonitor Support
« Last post by niko on Today at 02:32:27 AM »
Wow, 4 new parameters, 1 new interface, that's a whole new application  :lol:
WD Feature Suggestions / Re: uRADMonitor Support
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 02:03:19 AM »
that looks doable
do you have one?
Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Tides Processor Script
« Last post by NorCal Dan on Today at 01:54:54 AM »
See attachment...note the unzip directions...
WD Feature Suggestions / uRADMonitor Support
« Last post by abeasley on Today at 01:50:51 AM »
Would it be possible to add support for the uRADMonitor A3, ?

Chatter / Re: TNETWeather - KrelvinAZ passed away
« Last post by Silversword on Today at 01:39:53 AM »
Yes indeed, losing Kevin is a great loss to our weather community.  Although his legacy will continue to be in the scripts that we most have on our pages.  Rest in peace Kevin and condolences to his family.

--Stan Y.
   Maui, Hawaii
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