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WD Questions / Re: Extra Temperature Sensors
« Last post by deepskyridge on Today at 08:54:23 PM »
I am using WD Live to generate the web page, can I include the tags there ?

I think you misunderstood the definition of "beta" test or,  English is not my native language, it was me who misunderstood it.

I can only assume that your current weather-website has all these errors already solved?
But when I checked, the same remarks are there also.  It would be more polite to  post "wishes" in the  wish-list topic.

My appologies, I didn't know about the "wishes" list - I will post future RFE's there. :)

P.S.  :oops:  #-o  :oops:
Sometimes my words sound to harsh. Sorry, So as an example, it took 4 hours to modify the contact-popup (bio-popup) .

Thats Ok, we all appreciate the effort you are doing to create this template and understand that it can be frustrating at times.



WD Questions / Re: Extra Temperature Sensors
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 05:15:45 PM »
e.g from the tagslist.txt file

%VPextratemp2high%..........Davis VP extra temp 2 high
if you restart WDPI does it then show the updated graph data?
WxSim / Re: WXSimate import local data incorrect
« Last post by zejan on Today at 05:12:23 PM »
hi Tom
I have the same error, with the same text,
but i dont get the option to uncheck the boxes in WXSIM.
 how did you solve the error

if you could email me your ftp settings then I will do some testing here
It is working, the logs, console and gauges shows the right data, the graphs in WD PI 1.5 are NOT updating though, they just show flat line.
WD Questions / Re: Extra Temperature Sensors
« Last post by hydrowx on Today at 04:25:54 PM »
You should be able to with no problem. Sorry, not at my WD PC but I think you'd use a %VPextratemp1hi% tag or similar. Check the tag list (in your WD dir).
WD Questions / Extra Temperature Sensors
« Last post by deepskyridge on Today at 04:11:04 PM »
I have a Davis Vantage Pro station with 2 Extra Temp sensors, one has humidity. I have them working and displaying on my web site (One is labeled Orchard and the other Greenhouse). I would like to be able to display high and lows for each. I don't know if this is possible.

WxSim / Re: Secure server issues
« Last post by M.P.C. on Today at 02:49:39 PM »
Working well!


Thank you,

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