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Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: How to setup jpgraphs and wxgraphs
« Last post by youngros on Today at 04:04:16 PM »
After changing to a new host, I found my jpgraphs stopped working. So I downloaded the latest version of jpgraphs and wxgraphs and it is still not working. Really messed something up here. right click to view an image and you get the following error Chosen locale file ("lang/") for error messages does not exist or is not readable for the PHP process. Please make sure that the file exists and that the file permissions are such that the PHP process is allowed to read this file.
But the file is there, so very confused about that.
Error log for wxgraphs gives hundreds of the following type message PHP Warning:  imageloadfont(/home/madweather/public_html/jpgraph-4.2.6/src/fonts/FF_FONT0.gdf): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/madweather/public_html/jpgraph-4.2.6/src/ on line 92
Those fonts are there from what I can see.
Any help on this would be much appreciated, thank you.
I notice that if I restart WD, the restart shows the correct icon (sunshine) above the thermometer......however after about 30 seconds it reverts back to rain (wrong icon)     a little bit longer and it switches to a cloud with a lightning bolt    maybe 30 seconds more and we're back to the rain it can't make up its mind.......non of this seems to impact the rain totals...they continue to stay off the charts
any ideas?   Thanks
OK it's back, the image above the thermometer is showing rain but it's actually sunny and clear.  My next big issue is WD is reporting rain levels that are way off.   Yesterday it says I had 39.49 inches....actually we had none......WD is also showing the rain icon for today......
I'm looking for the problem but would appreciate any advice as to what may be causing both these problems.....
Test Forum / Re: test
« Last post by Asemwaldwx_58-12 on Today at 12:52:23 PM »
Schlägt der Schlapp nun den Schnofel sehr weit in den Wonz, hat er einen Uffnick erziehlt.
Weather Station Equipment / Budget weather station
« Last post by Colin J on Today at 12:51:33 PM »
Hi all, my la Crosse ws2310 has had it's day. Can anyone suggest a low cost replacement.
 Would the Velleman ws1080 or Technoline ws2307 be compatible with Weather Display?
WD Questions / Updating to latest version
« Last post by youngros on Today at 12:19:08 PM »
Several things over the years have thwarted my updating to the latest version. I am "still" running 10.37R b81  :oops:  But it works.
Anyway now that things seem to have settled down, I have moved to a new server, still running php 5.6 but now need to look at getting everything ready to run on php 7.
I have everything backed up and still have a copy of the b81 download should things try and go pear shaped on me.
Is there anything I should watch out for when doing this? I am running Windows10.

Chatter / Re: WDL users, it is time to move to HTML5
« Last post by bitsostring on Today at 11:03:51 AM »
I have just tested on Win 10 version 1809 and it worked for me.

As I said, what's shown in your video doesn't work here. Flash is already turned on in Edge, and the Adobe Flash page basically says "Flash is included with Edge but it has been disabled on your machine." Unfortunately, none of their suggestions for enabling it actually work.

Guess Edge needs a registry tweak like the one for Chrome, above.

Update: tried editing Group Policy and Registry with various suggestions from the web, but nothing works so far. . .  :(
WD Bug Reports / Wind needles
« Last post by AlanB on Today at 11:00:25 AM »
Build 93 wmr300
I've had a couple of occasions when the wind needles have stopped following the figures. Restarting WD cures it.
WD Feature Suggestions / Re: wind guru weather info submission
« Last post by nicofr83 on Today at 10:05:27 AM »
New station reporting in windGuru in the north of Mauritius (Bain Boeuf)
Happy to participate in
Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Another Yowindow question
« Last post by Bunty on Today at 06:49:00 AM »
Speaking of Yowindow, is it ever going to get out of the Internet Dark Ages and give up using Flash?
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