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WxSim / Re: WXSIM 2019, Build 1.0 Released!
« Last post by Stegrie on Today at 10:18:58 AM »
The first run after upgrade was perfect, i will wait how wxsimlite goes. :D
WD Bug Reports / build 88 image station dials distorted
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 09:50:02 AM »

installed build 88 and now the station dials are all distorted.. other images seem ok.
maybe here

As my native language is not English, maybe the links to the warning/forecast-data got lost in the translation.

This is an example of the data source I am now using for Canadian users of the Leuven-Template.
It contains a detailed hourly forecast, daily text forecast,  almanac data, current conditions  and warnings, no API-key needed.
This data is available in English and  in French, I think for most of Canada.
You can check the 3 demo forecast-pages using this data at
When there are no warnings for the demo area, they are not shown.

I do not know if the data is reliable, as there is only 1 Leuven-Template user from Canada

If this xml contains correct data it can be used in the HWS-template for WD also, if there are multiple users interested in it.
It will not make it to the top of the wish-list if only  one station wants to use it,

Could you look at the possibility of updating Brian's old WD/WXSIM release. I am still using it with success but the main module (excluding forecast) has not been updated since its last release of approximately one year ago. If you need the files I would be glad to send them to you.
I can not upgrade the complete release. I started with the 2017 WD version.
But I can integrate the WXSIM block in the forthcoming release.  I was not aware that there was a wxsim-forecast block from weather34.
I know there are individual users who made one. This one seems to use the plaintext parser from Ken True / Saratoga.
Can you make  a zip, preferably from the complete folder.

WD for Linux / Re: Help for install onto Ubuntu 18.04 64bit on VMware VM
« Last post by tobes49 on Today at 07:16:05 AM »
For some reason the guided setup seems to lock up but using the control panel and setup works fine.

I have set the station type and external sensor

When to set comport and it states WMR200 doesn't need a comport number.

Ive tried removing the 0 eg - ttyUSB - no luck
Tried leaving it blank
Tried ttyUSB2 and ttyUSB4
Code: [Select]
lsusb lists as bus 2 device 4

Still no luck in getting the data to show?

What else can I test?
Weather Display Live Discussion/Questions / Re: Water temp
« Last post by asai on Today at 06:56:41 AM »
OK, it was the UV value which was causing the problem.
Please test this version,
It's working now.  Thank you
WD Questions / Re: NOAA downloads
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 03:06:09 AM »

I notice you had not tried what I suggested

i.e to add times to download that are different to any other times

e.g say at 3:37pm or similar

via the manual set an hour and minute

try that..setting a manual time a few minutes from now that is not on the half hour or 10 minute mark etc
(works here with your settings)
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