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. . . but Moon info pop-up rise/set still not right. See moon2 from . .
Time to test, attached a beta version of the pop-up for the April release.
I run the test-site with timezone/at/lon  for Edinburgh city center and IMHO I think this pop-up has the correct rise set times compared to this site:

Please test it at your site for errors in the calculations  (AFTER you made a copy of the current moon-popup.php).

Thanks in advance, Wim
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: Tweaking and Customizing Web Site
« Last post by wvdkuil on Today at 03:04:33 PM »
After more than 8 years of offline (due to e-rice shutdown), I'm up and running. I'd really like to tweak the looks of my website. I've heard of "templates" available for the such. I'd also like to replace the main window ticker (with past records) with updated warnings and conditions locally. I can't seem to find where to do that, such as "Blizzard Warning" or "Snowfall Warning."
Here's my site.
There are multiple different templates to be used with your weather-program
a. Saratoga
b. Meteotemplate
c. HWS-template for WD
d. Leuven-Template
and probably there are other templates also for the weather-program you are using.

There is a lot of help here on this and other forums.
Installing, first setup  and adapting to your environment does not need more then superficial knowledge.

I myself develop the Leuven-Template and it also has a WiKi  as do others.

WD Questions / Re: Weather Display has reset itself
« Last post by otronics on Today at 02:58:46 PM »
Got it and all done - thanks.

Any idea why it happened?
WD Questions / Re: customclientrawlocal.txt don't be uploaded
« Last post by Martyn on Today at 01:47:23 PM »
customclientrawlocal.txt will not be uploaded - it is the file on your PC containing tags for WD to convert to weather data into the customclientraw.txt which is uploaded. All seems ok - the customclientraw.txt modified time and date is current. The file is usually used for Steelseries gauges.
WD Questions / Re: Weather Display has reset itself
« Last post by Martyn on Today at 01:42:57 PM »

wdisplay.ini needs to be recovered - see  the FAQ at,55755.0.html
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: Tweaking and Customizing Web Site
« Last post by R_o_B on Today at 01:14:47 PM »
How good are you with web programming languages, such as HTML, PHP and JavaScript?

I am not saying/writing that you need to be fully knowledgeable with all those languages, but that you have a basic understanding of the languages and, more importantly, that you are willing to spend some time increasing your learning of those languages.

From what I have seen, your web site is only displaying the general template produced by Weather Display.

One way to improve on that page is to look at, read, install, modify and enjoy the results of the templates developed by Ken True - you will find them at 'PHP/AJAX Website Template Sets'.

Are you in a rush to get your weather web site going or do you have the time and the patience to learn and experiment - your response will provide me with ways to possibly advise you.
WD Questions / Weather Display has reset itself
« Last post by otronics on Today at 12:18:01 PM »

My PC restarts itself every night.

For some reason, WD has reset itself - or most of it.

Screen size, colours, all time records - most settings have been restored to default and it asks for a language to be set on start-up.

Nothing has changed my end.

Any idea why this has happened and how I get everything back?
WD Questions / customclientrawlocal.txt don't be uploaded
« Last post by stonefox on Today at 11:24:26 AM »
Need help to find out why  "customclientraw.txt" don't be uploaded and automatic updated on the webserver  ?

Why WD don't make a new "Customclientrawlocal.txt" and uploaded automatic to the webserver  ?

Homepage :
WD Bug Reports / Re: forecast images wrong
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 09:43:29 AM »
I figured it out, another ftp problem.  I had the local file open and the images were correct, but not on the server.  The files are uploaded with the other files boxes and some how the two boxes became unmatched, the first file became the last in the second box so all the images were off. moved the 5 day to one upload and the other forecast, metar files to the third. WD really needs a better ftp function.
WD Bug Reports / Re: Build 89 View Screen
« Last post by AlanB on Today at 09:39:15 AM »
Hi Brian
I've gone back to B87 but some of them are not right as well
Alltime records, temp/wind/rain, fire index, advanced graphs all closed the view window
Sunshine hours did nothing
I have not tested all of them
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