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WD Questions / Re: Raintoday.gif Not Being Created
« Last post by nineback on Today at 12:48:39 PM »
Thanks Brian.  I checked the produce and upload individual dial images but the images are not being created.


WD Feature Suggestions / Re: Luftdaten Air Quality Sensor
« Last post by sunwharf on Today at 12:27:50 PM »
Thanks Brian,

Have run a test and it's not quite right.

1) If I enter local IP address as in the IP address box (the network address of the sensor unit), 2455820 in the sensor ID box, tick luftdaten type and then click "Test" I get error message "276:error during handshake(2) 0x80090308". The result shown in Particles 2.5 is "Values" and AQI result is 0.0

The only other box ticked is "Enabled" The number 2455820 I entered is the local sensor number but the same result occurs whether the box is populated or not.

To double check the sensor was working, I accessed the sensor via a browser using that IP and was able to get in to the interface just fine.

2) Just in case I misunderstood I tried the URL method suggested by Wim.

As per Wim I entered in the IP address field (where 14396 is my Luftdaten sensor ID) and then clicked "test". This didn't produce an error message but only returned "Values" and "0.0" respectively.

Hope that helps


WD Bug Reports / Re: WLIP freezing when connected to WD
« Last post by kagrani on Today at 10:08:53 AM »
So, for completeness and in case anyone else has the same symtoms:

turns out, after bying both a new logger and a new console, that it was the power supply to the console that was the problem.

While I was waiting for the new console I ordered to arrive I noticed the changing batteries in the console would pospone the freezing logger for a few days. So, when the new console arroived i tried using the power supply from the new console on the old equipment, and it completely removed the issues.

On the bright side I'm now only missing the ISS for a complete new second station


WD Questions / Re: Raintoday.gif Not Being Created
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 09:13:06 AM »
make sure you have WD set to update the individual dial images
WD Questions / Re: wunderground images
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 09:10:02 AM »
where and what exactly are you refering to ?
I need more information, sorry (e.g screen shot)
WD Questions / Re: Temp pannel not displaying correctly
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 03:23:34 AM »
changed the desk top settings from 125% to 100% when I was having trouble with conditionscolor.jpg and that fixed that. Do not know what else to change.
WD Questions / wunderground images
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 03:17:43 AM »
None of the images wd links to in weather underground  have been updated since January. Radar, forecast all do not work.
WD Questions / Raintoday.gif Not Being Created
« Last post by nineback on Today at 02:39:52 AM »
Raintoday.gif is not being created.  The last update was in early Sept.  Where do I turn on the option to update and upload the raintodate.gif file?  I must have inadvertently turned it off.

WD Questions / Re: Temp pannel not displaying correctly
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 02:16:37 AM »
works OK here
for me
I suspect its something to do with your windows desktop settings (resolution/font size, etc)
WD Questions / %weatherreport% and %weatherdescription%
« Last post by dsscheibe on Today at 02:06:09 AM »
Wondering why there was such a difference yesterday when we were getting heavy rain.

overcast - heavy rain; mist

Its Afternoon,Sunny/Moderate rain and it feels Comfortable outside. The temperature has been falling for the last few hours. There is a Calm from the North east
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