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WD Bug Reports / Re: cronmetardownload.exe chrash WD
« Last post by TEK on Today at 04:46:27 PM »

Mail sent.

Tor Erik
I have carried out your suggestion even up to 1000.
as you can see below your programme does see the value
pi@raspberrypi:~ $ cd /home/pi/Desktop/consolewdfiles/
pi@raspberrypi:~/Desktop/consolewdfiles $ sudo ./consolewd
Station type raw=31<
Station type =31
Weather station type is a Davis VP
meteobridge user=  <
meteobridge ip=<
meteobridge pass=  <
Davis com method d
Davis time out 500
Davis time out allocated OK
OWW file location= <-
program location= /home/pi/Desktop/consolewdfiles/<-
Davis VP IP data logger port= 22222<
Davis VP IP data logger IP=<-
Latitude= 51.3
Longitude= 0.3
Station name =My station
Daily rain startup= 0.0
start up month rain found=0.0<-
Monthly rain startup= 0.0
Yearly rain startup= 0.0
wunderground username =
wunderground password =
wunderground utc =-1
Dir offset= 0
Barooffset= 0.0
Comport is USB to serial
Davis com method d
Yes Revb Davis VP
Davis rain gauge 0.2mm
mysql username =
mysql server =
mysql databasename =
mysql tablename =
Will do mysql metric
mysql time interval = 300
cwop station id =
cwop call sign = -1 // -1 is default (you do not have a Ham call si
cwop latitude=
cwop longitude=
FTP server = =166
FTP username =
FTP port = 21     
FTPremote dir =
Will do ftp passive
remote file =               
FTP time interval = 60   
 wu =Y
Will save logfile
logfile metric
Custom file name = wx.html
Custom file name 2=
Custom file name 3=
Custom file name 4=
Custom file name 5=
Tag units in celsius
wind units = mph
baro metric= Y
rain metric= Y
Will run cron files
Custom log out = customlogout.txt
temp offset raw = <
hum offset raw =<
wmr300 channel =1
Modified rain gauge= <
WOW id=<-
WOW pass=<-
PWS id=<-
PWS pass=<-
windfinder id=<-
windfinder pass=<-
univeral update rate 2
utc hour=19
local hour=19
****Weather Display vers WD_console_17.3****
If use this program,then please consider sending a PayPal donation to (Brian Hamilton)
to help with costs, and support, thanks!
Comport /dev/ttyUSB0 opened
setting baud rate to 19200 ->0
ser_read error Resource temporarily unavailable
ser_read error Resource temporarily unavailable
ser_read error Resource temporarily unavailable
waking VP
*****Received count =  ----------------------------->  77
requesting data
*****Received count =  ----------------------------->  63

You get the purse
then data format as reported in previous posts 
WD Questions / Re: Testtags not updating
« Last post by niko on Today at 02:05:09 PM »
The testtags.txt on your webserver has data, not tags, in it. If the testtags.txt on the PC also contains data then you will need to replace it with the original version that has tags.
WD Bug Reports / Re: Twitter
« Last post by steviebaby59 on Today at 01:56:58 PM »
OK got it to work. Thanks! I keep forgetting about that. I just assume if you can trigger it manually, it me be connected OK.

It still won't forward my tweets to Facebook. That used to work great. It will only forward if I don't include an image. I know someone said using twitter to post to Facebook was cheating, but they offer the app. If they didn't want you doing this why would they offer the option? 
WD Questions / Testtags not updating
« Last post by WessB on Today at 12:19:40 PM »
My testtags.txt fie in wdisplay/webfiles is no longer updating. I have searched here and checked my settings in control panel and I can not find anything that appears to be wrong. I have it set in the custom webpage setup to convert txt to php. I have the web page setup check box ticked to create and upload txt as php. Any place else I may have not checked?
#29 is set to upload every 5 minutes tettags.txt to testtags.php as well. Do I possibly have it  converting in to many settings? Either way when I view it locally with file manager it is NOT being updated, and the hours are all funky on my webpage.

WD Questions / Re: How do I display moon phase and tides on the main page
« Last post by teal on Today at 09:36:30 AM »
  Hi, see my page here

WD Bug Reports / Re: WD won't load
« Last post by teal on Today at 09:33:40 AM »
 Yes, it a custom image on the maim screen.Can also be seen on my web site.

WxSim / Recent GFS Forecast (Not Good)
« Last post by hrvistaweather on Today at 08:14:53 AM »
Hi Tom,

Long speak , no time.

I'm not sure if it's just me or not, but recently in the last week or so I have noticed that the GFS Modelling has been way off, also observed against other's like BoM and WU.

Temps are all over the place (forecast too high for high and way to low for Low).

I realise I am about 27 (+) days from change to Winter and always have these issues during the Seasonal change, though as you also know I always start my WxSim-Lite % inclusion change prior to assist.

I have had my % set to 46 for ages now(Up from 30) and it continues to rise each day = currently at 52.2 and rising Daily. I there some file I can check to ensure that what is selected in WxSim as a Percent Inclusion is actually being used as a base line, or is it possible the set target in WxSim is not correctly being saved/stored somewhere.

Kind regards,
you can customise the main screen and so you can add custom images
i.e the sun moon rise/set image and the tide graph or similar

I do have a youtube video on customising the main screen
WD Bug Reports / Re: Weekly crashes
« Last post by FLWeather on Today at 03:36:53 AM »
I am using custom screen to create the forum signature banner. Maybe I have something set wrong in it...
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