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WD Bug Reports / Re: rain to date display error
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 03:26:41 AM »
the latest .zip update of WD should fix the last 7 days rain for when aus 9am reset in use
WD Questions / Re: Purpleair setup
« Last post by niko on Today at 03:01:24 AM »
I found the name of your sensor as shown on the map from the url you posted, "Sun City Summerlin" (you probably entered that and know it already).

Then I opened the json file in my browser

Did a Ctrl F search for "Sun City Summerlin" and took the ParentID number:

"ID":19456,"ParentID":19455,"Label":"Sun City Summerlin

(19456 is the ID of the second channel, but WD can work that out by itself)

WD Questions / Re: Wundermap Wind Query
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 02:32:10 AM »
its a legacy setting
note that gust speed is actually current speed (which can be lower than average speed, especially for when rapid wind in use )
WD Questions / Re: Purpleair setup
« Last post by zeppline on Today at 02:27:05 AM »
Thanks Niko how did you find the ID, the one they sent me is all different.  It reading Ok now.
I think Brian was looking at using the Luftdaten temp/humidity as an option so that would solve the problem.
i did
and posted about that
but never heard back from anyone
WD Questions / Re: INternet file creation - screen image
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 01:33:03 AM »
i have seen one other report of this
but I do not have the problem myself
WD Questions / Re: Purpleair setup
« Last post by niko on Today at 01:17:35 AM »
Your correct sensor ID is 19455

{"ID":19456,"ParentID":19455,"Label":"Sun City Summerlin

WD Questions / Purpleair setup
« Last post by zeppline on Today at 01:07:04 AM »
I can not get this to read AQI Rainwise MKlll, CC3000 Logger WD version 10.37s build85

I don't know how to make AQi read on graph and dial. Purple air map is reading Ok. Purple air web page [url][url]
Pi3 Revb  vers 1.2

cat /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/model
WD Questions / Re: NWS forecasts stopped working
« Last post by Fred on December 18, 2018, 11:41:18 PM »
I can get a response using the normal WD forcast with passive selected, but it is still stuck on the 7:30 11 Dec forecast - it never changes.
So I tried the API thing and it gets me forecasts I can see by clicking the 'view' button on the setup page. But interestingly the resulting display still has the 7:30 11 Dec time stamp overwritten by the API newer heading.

While that works to let me see forecasts if I sit at the server tat WD runs on, it is not quite what I want.
Until the WD NWS forecasts quit, I had been using the downloaded zone file (MEZ014.txt, in my case) both as a part of my email weather reports, as a part of my weather web page, and as a source for HomeSeer to read me the latest forecast. Unfortunately, I cant seem to find an equivalent download file from the API mechanism.

Frankly I prefer the 'old-fashioned' NWS zone file mechanism and it's associated .txt file. But I really need a text file from whatever source. My wife is threatening all kinds of retaliation if I do not get HER forecasts back! Took a while for me to get her to accept this tech nerd thing in the house, and now she feels it is hers and I have broken it.

I honestly do NOT think WD is broken. I think the trouble is at NWS, since it stopped suddenly with no change to WD for weeks, and no hardware or network changes either.

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