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this version
does have more info in the IP camera setup about how to get that to work (i,e what to enter etc)
WD for Linux / Re: ConsoleWD for Raspberry Pi Setup Instructions
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 07:44:42 PM »
wow, I am not sure I have had anyone use a WM918 before
it looks like its not completely syncing OK with the station

can you copy/paste or show a screen shot of what you do see?

also for the previous person, a update of the silicon labs usb driver might help
WD Questions / Re: Have move Wdisplay to another computer and...
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 07:17:16 PM »
you would have needed to have exported then imported the windows registry settings (i.e via the wdisplayftp.reg file)
Chatter / Re: WeatherFlow stations starting to ship
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 07:14:01 PM »
yes, it should start up with no settings (and so you can have separate FTP settings)
make sure it is not a 2wd.txt.txt file
i,e unset your windows folder options to hide known file extensions
it will work as long as you change any reference to http to https in the .xml and .html files
I have a post in the FAQ about that
SteelSeries Gauges / SteelSeries graphs not consistent
« Last post by TheBreeze on Today at 06:13:25 PM »
After a lot of time, I have finally got the SteelSeries graphs working.  My question -

When I hover over a gauge, the graph appears - sometimes on some of the graphs, but not always.  See the 2 attached files created 1 minute apart..

 Graph Test resolves all graphs:

Also, if the graph does not appear, if there is a selection (like MPH or KPH) and I click it, it sometimes triggers the graph.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you

Have you changed all the links in your pages, including the one to the WDL config xml,  to https ?
What script(s) need(s) to be edited to only show 3 days of WxSim forecasts for the "plaintext-rss.php" file output?
Can you post the URL you are using?
Since securing my website with a certificate and forcing users to use the HTTPS protocol I have been getting serial number errors. Please advise a workaround for this issue. 
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