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Creating Weather Web Sites / Blitzortung Lightning
« Last post by kplew on Today at 10:12:44 PM »
I was admiring the Blitzortung Lightning page at Saratoga-weather. Is there a script or template to make that happen?

Chatter / Re: Kilauea Volcano
« Last post by Harry on Today at 10:00:57 PM »
I looked around some more to find any evidence where that video might have been debunked and couldn't find anything so, I decided to go to the source, and found the following article.  It seems that others have questioned the video.

Mesmerizing New Videos Of Hawaii Volcano Eruption

Civil Beat videographer Anthony Quintano just sent back these recent views of the Kilauea hot lava flows.

The Hawaii National Guard recently escorted news media into some areas of the eruption in the Puna area of the Big Island, providing new up-close footage of how the eruption is changing and developing.

This first video, shot on Saturday, shows the swiftly moving lava coming from fissure 8 through Kapoho on its way to the sea. When we visited this spot a few weeks ago, there was a wall of lava and very little movement. Now its moving faster than anything weve seen from this eruption so fast, in fact, that many people viewing it on social media thought someone had posted a time lapse or fake video. The lava seen in this video is moving at roughly 15 mph, according to the USGS.
high indoor temperature causes that alarm sound...maybe related?
(e.g if the console has say afternoon sun shining on it through a window)
WD Bug Reports / Re: Weekly crashes
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 07:12:17 PM »
as a test, try turning that off maybe?
WD Bug Reports / Re: Weekly crashes
« Last post by BWX on Today at 06:32:13 PM »
Hi, yes, weather talker is setup and running
WD Bug Reports / Re: Weekly crashes
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 06:00:46 PM »
I see from that error that you must have setup speech in WD?
I wonder if
has that setup as well
Chatter / Re: Kilauea Volcano
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 05:58:45 PM »
it's like using binoculars...if you train those on something moving fast, it will appear to be moving even faster (as its appear closer )
e.g watching a race horse with binoculars
Chatter / Re: Kilauea Volcano
« Last post by niko on Today at 01:25:47 PM »
I'm also surprised that nobody besides Dale is skeptical  :?  But I also haven't found any official or reputable site suggesting that even the very fast lava is moving faster than a fraction of a mile per hour so I'm inclined to believe Brian's optical effect theory :dontknow:
Hopefully my experience may save others time (and potentially money)....

I cleaned my rain gauge, including sloshing water around the tipping buckets to clean the silt out.  When I re-connected the rain gauge, it started continuously accumulating rainfall at nearly 200mm/hr!

After much fiddling about, I discovered that the reed switch is actually sitting in a little plastic box with a lid (not encapsulated like it first appeared), and I had filled the box with (quite salty) water which was half-shorting-out the reed switch, which was appearing like frequently occurring bucket tips.  After popping the cover off the top of the reed switch and drying out the little box, normal service was resumed.
VantagePro2 running fine for 9 years.  We were gone for two weeks with it running WD and uploading to the net.  Came home and the station is beeping and an alarm at the bottom saying 'Hi Solar Rad Alarm...then...Hi Humidity Alarm.  Two things, I've never set an alarm and do not have a solar sensor!  Tried everything to reset or kill the alarm.  Pulled the batteries and AC adapter for 15 minutes.  I reconnected and five minutes later started beeping again.  I held the Done button for five seconds and it quit.  An hour later it started again.  OK, enough!  I took it apart, desoldered and removed the piezoelectric buzzer!  For two days now it's been running as good as before, same warnings BUT no beep! :)  I guess I'll just run it until the unit dies.
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