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Author Topic: How can I get data from my weather station displayed on my MesoMap?  (Read 25245 times)

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You can only currently display data from your own weather station if you are using the Weather Display software package to capture data from it. If you are running Weather Display, here's what you need to do:

1) If you're not already doing so, configure Weather Display to upload the clientraw.txt file to your web server on a regular basis. See how to do this here...,9220.0.html. If you're only uploading the files for use with MML, then a 5 minute upload frequency is fast enough. Weather Display Live users probably already upload their files much more frequently than this.

2) Go to the MML Management Centre If you aren't already a user, click on the Sign-up link and subscribe as a 'Clientraw Data Provider'. If you are already registered as a user, log in and then add a subscription to 'Clientraw Data Provider'. This type of subscription is free and existing users shouldn't have to go through a (non-)payment process to use this option.

3) Click on the "Setup Clientraw.txt collection" option (if you're not taken there automagically) and complete the details on this page. Hover your mouse over each field to see what you should enter into it. It's important to make sure that the details on this page are entered accurately, otherwise the server will not be able to collect data from your station, or your station details may display incorrectly on maps. The Station ID for your weather station is displayed here. Look out for this value when you add stations to your MML list.

4) Make sure your Station Status is set to 'Live' and click Submit. The server will then download weather data from your clientraw.txt file approximately every 15 minutes. The data will then be available for you and other MML users to display on your map. Just add your station like you would add any other station to a map.

Users of some other weather station software packages are experimenting with creating files in the same format as clientraw.txt to allow the server to collect data from their software. If any of these methods are published we'll try to include details here of how to set things up.
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