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Author Topic: Details from my Weather-Display station no longer display on my map. Why?  (Read 8373 times)

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There are a number of possible reasons for this. Please check these things to see if any of these are applicable...

1) Data is only displayed on MML maps if it is less than approximately 3 hours old. Check that Weather-Display is still uploading clientraw.txt files to your web server on a regular basis and definitely in the last three hours.

2) Check that the details on the "Setup Clientraw.txt collection" screen in the MML Management Centre are still correct. If you have changed the location that you upload your clientraw.txt file to, you will need to update the details on the server so that it knows where to look for the information.

3) There may be a problem on the server. Take a look in the MML forum to see if there's a planned outage or other known problem.

If none of these are applicable, please report the problem so that we can investigate it.
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