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Author Topic: What is MesoMap Live (MML)?  (Read 11774 times)

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What is MesoMap Live (MML)?
« on: July 03, 2005, 09:04:48 AM »
MesoMap Live (MML) is a Flash movie that displays the current weather conditions from participating Weather Display stations and airport METAR stations on a JPG map that you supply. You can see some examples of maps set up by current users at,com_bookmarks/Itemid,54/.

To use MML you will need two things...

1) Either the Weather Display Live (WDL) v4.01 or higher, or MesoMap Live Flash movies. There is a once-off licence charge for MML. Existing users of WDL can upgrade to v4.01 at no extra charge. The version of MML built into WDL (WDL-Lite) does not have all the features of the full version of MML.

2) A subscription to the MML data feed. The MML server gathers current weather data from thousands of stations across the world 24 hours per day. MML accesses this data when a user views the MML page and the server provides details of the current conditions without any access to your PC or your web server. The MML data feed is available by annual subscription.

When you have subscribed to the MML data feed, you can use the MML Management Centre to define which stations will appear on your map(s). You will also need to install the Flash move file onto your web server, provide links to it from your existing web site and make some minor changes to the Flash movie configuration file. The configuration file allows the movie to find your map image and tells it how to access the fixed and current station data on the MML server for the stations on your map.

Each time a user views the Flash movie from your site, the movie will automatically download the latest weather conditions from the MML server and display them on the map. Other than downloading the Flash movie, configuration and map files from your server, all other traffic is between the user's PC and the MML server.
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