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Author Topic: WXContact (.php) appears to not work on GoDaddy dedicated Mail Server.  (Read 215 times)

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I am  using GoDaddy as my hosting site.
I'm having a bit of a problem with my 'contact' (wxcontact.php) scripts working.

It seems to have started in December last year when I switched to a C-panel setup for my website, and, at about the same time switched from using the mail function associated with the old linux-based hosting, to the dedicated mail server they offered.

Symptoms are as follows. 

In the old setup, to send webmaster etc an email, you'd click on contact us, fill it in, the routine would tell me it was sent, and bingo, it'd show up in my mail box.

In the new setup, with the 'dedicated' mail server, the wxcontact.php appears to work the same, the fill-in data, and sent msgs from wxcontact, but.... No email appears to be sent.
I'm fairly certain it's an issue with GoDaddy, either with the way I have things setup, or that the GoDaddy server does not allow this, or ??? with the sever setup.

I don't know enough etc to be able to discuss this with go-daddy  tech support, without knowing the real issues, problem etc, so I'm hoping that a fellow go daddy user or some one whose more technically competent than I am, will take a bit of a look at it.  If you can identify a problem and a fix - that'd be great, even identifying the problem would allow me to talk reasonably intelligently with tech support.

Thanks a bunch

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The contact form uses the built-in mail() function of PHP to send the message along.  It depends on having your PHP setup have the mail() function work correctly.

Call tech-support for GoDaddy and have them run a short email PHP script on your website and debug the results.  Also, check your error_log -- there may be clues about what's wrong in there.
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