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Author Topic: Web Cam Capture Overlay Settings Not "Sticking" & Layer1 %baro% Narrow & No Data  (Read 215 times)

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Brian provided an update to Web Cam Capture re an earlier issue that was solved by using the new version V10.30

Continuing to have challenges with settings for Overlay width and Enable/NotEnable not "Sticking". In particular the width of 200 or 640 or other value can be set and Web Cam Capture will show the result on the preview imaqe for about 1 second and then the width reverts to 20 leaving only one character in the overlay string visible. Same non-sticky behavior with enable or not enable, when I click to disable, it will reenable or vice versa. Every once in a while a setting will stick and once stuck it will persist (for even days) only until the next time any attempt is made to change a value.

Level 1 may be implicated in this as well. It seems easier to finally get a stable overlay when Level 1 is empty and not enabled... low confidence in this hunch at this point.

%baro% tag in Level1 does appear as a tag in a one character wide vertical column or occasionally as a six character wide tag as expected.  However, regardless of orientation, when enabled, the %baro% tag never picks up any data. The %baro% tag is working in the web template (.txt) and producing a correct value in the downstream .html produced by the template (Carter Lake) but for some reason the tag is not functional in the Web Cam Capture Overlay. The preordained tags for date, time, temp that appear in the GUI as options, do work in level0 OK.

Have captured a movie of these issues to demonstrate the fickle dynamic nature (non-sticky) which is very difficult to describe in words. The file is much too large to attach here or send by email. Will forward to Brian via an Adobe download link.

Thanks for any assistance.

Cheers... Kelsey.

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if you could email me your settings files again, I will check/test as spare time allows