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Author Topic: What's the status of the Fluke Laser and Porcupine Labs device for snow depth?  (Read 220 times)

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I had the interest last year to get my snow depth process in place, and even purchased a Fluke Laser rangefinder (avoids the pesky temperature affect with ultrasonics) and the Porcupine Labs interface board, but got too many other things in the way.

I know that Brian and Mike were working on getting a relatively painless method of ingesting info for display and archiving, but haven't heard much lately.

Now mid August I'm rekindling some thoughts for this coming winter and wonder if there are any users of this device setup planning for this coming winter, also?

Is the setup pretty stable?  Does the interface work or is more fiddling needed?

Any update?

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Works fine now.  Much simpler and it's pretty much fire and forget. The biggest issue is the Fluke doesn't like the cold so you'll need to find a way of keeping it from getting too cold.


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Hi Dale

Yes, mine worked Great all last Winter. I did have to add a heater to the enclosure, simple power resistor button thermostat and 12 volts, as the newer Fluke 414D's seem to have a problem operating below 32 deg F/ 0 C. I had 0 problems last Winter. Brian's addition of the "cronlasersnow.exe" program made things work much much better.

My automated snowfall for last Winter can be seen at:

Automated snowfall recording for Breezy in Hessville NY can be seen here:


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I am ready to give the Fluke Laser & Porcupine Labs device another try this season.

I am happy to use teamviewer to setup my system and configure software but will need some help.

I use the Saratoga Weather Template and a Mac using Weathercat to collect my data...

Any help is appreciated...

Tom Schwab