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Author Topic: Weather Warning Email question  (Read 247 times)

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Weather Warning Email question
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:42:19 PM »
Is there a way to add or customize the weather warning.  My issue is that when triggered by an extra sensor, it just tells me there is a problem that it is above or below the warning setpoint as shown below.  What I would like to see is what the current actual reading is when the warning is sent.  Something like "Extra temperature sensor #2 exceeds 100.4F setpoint.  Current reading is 105.8F"
It would be nice to be able to change the name of the extra sensor in the email, but that I don't need as I know that in this case, extra temp 2 is for my greenhouse.

******WEATHER WARNING ******
100.4F extra temperature #2 was exceeded !
Time of event was : 14:45:00
Date of event was : 07/10/18
Current conditions :
Windspeed             5.5 mph
Direction             NW  308
Temperature           81.9 F
Heat index           84.1 F
Humidity              59 %
Barometer             29.991 in.
Maximum windspeed     15.0 mph WNW at time: 14:07
Maximum speed last hr 15.0 mph NNW at time: 14:06
Rain today            0.00 in.
Maximum temperature   82.2 F at time: 14:11
Minimum temperature   65.5 F at time: 02:05
Rain Rate/min         0.000 in./min (0.000 in./hr)
Rain last hour          0.00 in.
Max Rain Rate         0.000 in./min (0.000 in./hr) at time: 00:00

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Re: Weather Warning Email question
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018, 07:36:38 AM »
I use the custom weather warning setup which allows you to create a customweatherreport.txt file which you can populate to display what information you like using the tags list. Mine looks something like this:

Temperature (Now)   30.2 C
Humidity (Now)   38 % (Absolute = 6.69 g/m)
Pressure (Now)   1023.0 mbar (30.21")
Pressure (Trend 1hr)   +0.0 mbar (Steady)
Wind Speed (Avg 10min)   4.3 mph from 25NNE
Wind Speed (Avg Max Today)   10.1 mph at 14:27 from ENE
Wind Gust (Now)   6.0 mph from 32
Wind Gust (Max Today)   15.0 mph at 14:27 from ENE
Rain Accumulation (Today)   0.0 mm
Rain Rate (Now)   0.00 mm/hr
Rain Rate (Max)   0.0 mm/hr at 00:00
Rain Duration (Now)   0 mins
Solar Energy (Now)   137 W/m (176 W/m maximum for time of day)
Solar Energy (High Today)   949 W/m at 14:17
UV Index (Now)   0.0 (Low)
UV Index (High Today)   7.6 at 13:02
ET (Now)   8.5 mm

The above is formatted in an html table to make it easier to read.

Additionally it should be noted that using this approach doesn't tell you specifically what threshold was exceeded, unless this feature has been added in recent months. Either way I prefer to report all my current sensor readings which means I can usually interpret the actual weather warning being reported.