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Author Topic: WxSim CSV to MySql  (Read 86 times)

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WxSim CSV to MySql
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:52:28 AM »
I have been snowed under with work of late and took a few hours out to clear the head.
Decided to look at pushing WxSim CSV data into MySql (something I wanted to do eons ago.
So I finally did it, although possibly at a lack of luster from a good coders point of view, but it works and has for a while now,

1: I have (from an (ST/DST) point of view always wanted to use Lastret.txt vs Latest.csv (as Latest.csv does not adjust with DST).
2: Tried and failed with Importing Lastret.txt on many occasions, so CSV was easier. (Although I still could not pro-grammatically remove the first 2 lines of Latest.csv on Import, I Import it all, then use Views to remove them). I also enisage I will be able to address the (ST/DST) issues during PHP/MySql/Query).
3: I run Crons after each WxSim Run/Upload of CSV to my Host Server, which imports into a MySql table.
4: Now what to do, I would love to know if anyone else has already created scripts to import Lastret.txt or Latest.csv and if so how did you do it and what have you used it to produce (graph wise etc).
5: I would appreciate any feed back or input to how better do this and how best to use the data now in MySql (ie. Use within site/HighCharts/HighStock/Heatmaps/JPGraphs etc.).

Here is a link to the overall view of a view I have of the Current Updating every 6 hours data: (sorry not had time to finesse display with fixed scroll headr etc.:

I have made a really rough jpgragh for SkyCov (Sky Cover %) for an example of use:

If I'd had time could have maybe (ABS(-[SkyCov]) with query as a second series and created something like one of Henka's old Cloud Cover images I modified ages back ( which uses same csv) :

Any way, just thought I'd share and look forward to feedback/thoughts etc.
Kind regards,
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