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I am currently using a TRENDNet TV-IP310PI IP camera that I got from the local electronic store. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to find out what the streaming link was so that I could use it for WD. I sent an email to TRENDNet and they finally responded with the link that I need. They provided me with two links and the second one worked with WD. I couldn't figure out how to access the camera with the first link. I'm sharing this info to help anyone who needs it. Take care.

http://admin:[email protected]/Streaming/Channels/1/httpPreview  <----didn't work

http://ipaddress/streaming/channels/2/picture   <----worked for me

Weather Display:
thanks for sharing
it would be great if IP cameras had used some sort of industry standard
(which I see now iOT devices are starting to do)

NorCal Dan:
I am finding more and more webcam manufacturers are steering clear of using basic authentication...sending login details with the request like your first example...because it's clear text & anyone can easily intercept your credentials. 

Digest authentication, while not totally secure, does not send credentials in clear text and is much harder to intercept.


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