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Author Topic: W-Display and Win 10  (Read 351 times)

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W-Display and Win 10
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:48:42 PM »
Is there a 'cheat sheet' or a thread addressing how to customise either W-D or Win 10 - or both - in order for it to seamlessly run like it does on my old XP netbook (runs flawlessly day after day, booted once a month whether it needs it or not).
As time permits, I'm fiddling with WD-66 on a netbook with windows 10 on it and I'm plagued with little - sometimes big - things going awry.
Today, somewhere round 1400 local, I noticed WD was not running, so i started it again and it went straight into initial setup mode, all existing settings lost. I tried using last nights reg back up but that didn't work either, so i cloned the prod system over to the win 10 test to get it running again - big one for me....Like w-10 auto-restarting after an update - wanted or not...

Little ones are about the UAC always asking if I want to run the pgm when I start it... Nuther littlie is I have WD set to autostart on boot, but it doesn't. Also, after WD updates, I get prompts to run the cron.....exe etc.

I tried looking thru the forum, but I didn't seem to find things that might help, hence the question of a cheat-sheet or thread.

Any help gratefully accepted

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Re: W-Display and Win 10
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2018, 02:12:28 AM »
either make sure to run as administrator
or you could turn of UAC

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Re: W-Display and Win 10
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 09:01:50 PM »
Hi AZ Kiwi,

So, when it comes to this stuff, I'm basically a caveman. Probably not relevant to your problem but the one thing I have learned, and it took me a long time to learn this, is to adjust the power settings in your computer as Brian has in the video on his home page.

Over the years, through what xp, vista, 7,8,and 10, most of my problems came from the NWS changing something or something not uploading. With the NWS stuff, I have to wait for someone to come up with a solution, but really once I adjusted my power settings (figured this out early in win 8)  to basically everything on all the time, things just worked. 

So now in Win 10, really no problems except the NWS changing a lot of things lately.