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Author Topic: Sky infrared temperature sensor + UV- solar reverb  (Read 1105 times)

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Sky infrared temperature sensor + UV- solar reverb
« on: February 16, 2018, 05:04:09 PM »
Hi everybody

I've been deciding on which Sensors need to be refurbished, Based on How long they been exposed to the elements
 first project is to refurbish the infrared sky temperature sensor and the UV and solar add-on modules

In this refurbishment I'm using a slightly larger box, this allows me to use the new circuit boards Which I made some time I go
all cables connected to the box are now going to be using the waterproof plug and socket type fitting which means it easier For maintenance

The air temperature sensor is now mounted in a new stand .previously this Was attached to the box using a bracket,
This is connected to the main box using the new waterproof plug and socket tightfitting which make it easier to disconnect if needed

New type of silicon is being used which withstands very extreme cold temperatures and hot temperatures more of an industrial type silicon adhesive

The UV module and the solar module are new boards and they have a new type of calibration pot these have a analogue numbering system and a new locking system
It possible the older version could move with vibrations,

The new UV boards and solar boards have been treated with a silver Tin coating and lacquers to Keep out any moisture from interfering with Any of the sensitive components

Hopefully should be back online soon Just waiting for some more waterproof plug and socket type fittings

Please see image so far