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No Cwop data


This is on my Cwop page: APRS Status
Your data is flowing into, but no weather data is being received from
A recently received report from this station was

DW1088>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-5:@291203z40.353039N/-104.870440_044/001g003t021r000p000P000b10292h85L000.WD 31

This report was not parsed as a valid APRS message.

If this is not a weather report, then your station may not be transmitting weather reports, and this may be the problem. Check the recent reports at to see if any look like weather reports.

Weather Display:
looks like a problem with the lat/long I suspect
post a screen shot of that
the problem will be with the negative number
you set as E instead of adding a -

Actually everything looked ok changed the upload time ran a test and looked at the data and it seems to of worked.
Thanks again


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