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My cwop has stopped updating for sometime which I just noticed. When I go to control panel and click the cwop icon it will freeze WD so all you get is that annoying tone when clicking anywhere on the WD screen.
I have to go to task manager to get it shut down and re-started. This happens every time I try it. Adding that I am running 10.37S64


Weather Display:
most likely the cwop setup screen is loading off screen
you will need to reset the last screen settings for that
i.e the
 [Main cwop setup]
in the wdisplay.ini file
 (edit that when WD is not running)

That was it, had a value of over 2000 
Thank You


I had the same issue, and problem was same. CWOP setup panel was loading off screen. However, I haven't been able to determine why it quit updating. My Weather Underground page has been updating fine, but I just got back from a long trip, and CWOP quit updating 15 days ago.

Did you determine why your CWOP was not updating?


Weather Display:
see what shows in the CWOPlogsend.txt file


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