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croncwop.exe won't install with Build 44 & 45 (RESOLVED)

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At first I was have Bitdefender issues with several cron file but after whitelisting them it was fine. But when I try an install an upgrade (full install) I get the message in jpg #1, this has happened in 44 & 45 but I don't think it's the version. Since it wouldn't install I checked ignore and then tried to manually move the file to the wdisplay directory and I got the message in jpg #2 and I am the administrator. I'm baffled, any suggestions?

Weather Display:
that error simply means that program is still running and can not be replaced

That's what I thought but the croncwop.exe file  is not even in the wdisplay directory. Weird

Weather Display:
check with task manager to see if its running in memory
or try a pc reboot (bigger hammer)

I took WD out of my Startup directory and did a reboot. I was then able to install with no issues. The problem is bitdefender, even though I have files whitelisted they were still flagged in Bitdefender and I had to recover them. After recovery when croncwop runs I'd get an I/O error 103.  I have to get rid of Bitdefender on this PC. I used to just run Windows Defender, any suggestions? This PC just runs my weather program. Thanks.


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