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Author Topic: Feel the fresh wind on the market with new sensors  (Read 1479 times)

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Feel the fresh wind on the market with new sensors
« on: February 06, 2017, 05:05:43 PM »
Let us introduce you our brand new series of weather monitoring sensors.

Enter the weather monitoring with high precision Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Dew/Freeze point  WMO compliant probe MeteoTemp  for just 250,-

If you already have a probe but are on the search for high performance radiation shield, which minimizes sun effect on temperature measurement even as non fan aspirated, then the MeteoShield is the right one to choose for as low as 150,-

Want to feel the fresh wind on the market ?  Then check out our patented elliptic anemometer MeteoWind currently available in non-heated version with a price tag of 450,-

All our sensors work in wide DC voltage range, with minimal power consumption to achieve very long monitoring period even on battery powered stations. With industry quality RS485 ( Modbus RTU/ASCII) communication and Class 5 lightning protection of electronics, they are predefined for use in harsh environment.

Should you have any questions about any of the sensors presented, quote, or would like to become a distributor, please PM or email me on

In any time, feel free to visit and check our webpage