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Author Topic: "10 Year" storm for California - Spillway Collapse Update  (Read 21630 times)

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Re: "10 Year" storm for California
« Reply #120 on: March 05, 2017, 04:27:05 PM »
Saw a report this morning that the rapid fall of the river level, from shutting down the output from the dam, is causing river banks to collapse down stream.  The fun never ends...

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Re: "10 Year" storm for California
« Reply #121 on: March 10, 2017, 09:07:06 PM »
Our wet winter explained.


What led to California's drought-busting rain this winter?

“The factor that has caused all of the storminess in California this season seems to be an unusual sea surface temperature distribution in the Pacific Ocean,” Boston said.

Boston explained that water temperatures across the northern Pacific Ocean were significantly lower than normal while water temperatures just south of Hawaii were well above average throughout much of the winter.

This unusually large, north-to-south contrast in water temperature influenced the jet stream, leading to a very active pattern that sent waves of storm systems directed at California, especially during January and February.

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Re: "10 Year" storm for California - Spillway collapse update
« Reply #122 on: June 23, 2017, 10:58:28 PM »
A quick update for those who followed the Oroville Dam spillway collapse in this thread earlier this year.

Our guesses about the failure have been confirmed in several expert analyses, concrete was too thin, no re-bar (there were short dowels of rebar between the slabs but that's all). What we didn't know is that the concrete was poured on a foundation of fragmented rock and worse so once water started passing under it, from the side or through cracks, the thin concrete lost support and failure was inevitable.

The repair work is underway now. All the old concrete is out, much of it blown up (boys will have their fun  :) ). They are cleaning up rock and debris, and pumping concrete in where necessary to form a solid new foundation. This Sacramento Bee page has several videos.

The repair contract with Kiewit is for $275 million over two years (expect the final cost to be higher with incentives and changes etc.), and the total including the emergency fixes will be well over $500 million. The state is hoping that the feds will pick up a large part of the cost  :-"

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Re: "10 Year" storm for California - Spillway Collapse Update
« Reply #123 on: July 03, 2017, 04:09:36 PM »

So proof once again that a government entity either got hosed by the original contractor, or they agreed to built it "just good enough" like so many government projects. Then it bites the tax payers on the azz years down the road.
Heaven forbid do it right the first time.