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Author Topic: 4C rise in 10 minutes  (Read 2983 times)

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Re: 4C rise in 10 minutes
« Reply #15 on: January 07, 2017, 02:47:46 PM »
  Hi, I'm about 16 miles east of you, "gust since last send" is not ticked, but "swap gust/av speed" is. My temperature went  from -1.6c to +1.5c in about 2 hours, that's a rise of 3.1c in 2 hours, not the 4c in 10 mins that you had.


Must have been very localised, if the other Weeting station did see the same then i would have said it was the sensor playing up
Loos like Lakenheath saw very similar too...

Here a 10C rise in 10 minutes from Porvoo, Finland last night, 23:20 was it -21.7C and 23:30 was it -11.4C.
Screenshot/data: Finnish Met. Institute

Crikey, thats decent lol, you would certainly feel that happen if you was outside :o