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Author Topic: Overnight WDFTP failure locking computer  (Read 1584 times)

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Re: Overnight WDFTP failure locking computer
« Reply #15 on: January 11, 2017, 07:07:55 AM »
that sounds like a problem that is not related to this thread
I would try though putting tin foil around the plugs at each end of the USB cable
also make sure windows is not power down the usb (selective power setting..I do have a youtube video about that)


It is unclear who you are replying to in the response that you gave, above . . . but I suspect that it was me who mentioned that I was upgrading my data logger cable one with a Windows 10 compatible chip-set in hopes that it would resolve my issues with Weather Display locking-up on my Windows 10 installation.

Please note that upgrading from Weather Display 10.37S Build 33 (December 9, 2016) to Weather Display 10.37S Build 39 (January 3, 2017) has seemed to resolved my issues with lock-up of Weather Display.

I have not received or installed my new data logger cable with the new chip set, so this is not an issue beyond the fact that I had to force Windows 10 not to upgrade this specific driver due to it's legacy status. 

Whatever you did between 10.37S Build 33 and Build 39 seems to have resolved the WD lock-up problem. and it has nothing to do with tin-foil or cables.

Mike L
Cypress, TX

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Re: Overnight WDFTP failure locking computer
« Reply #16 on: January 11, 2017, 07:13:47 AM »
if you had setup to use the weather report #2 setup
then that was causing a problem with those being sent by the ftpupd.exe program, which I did fix