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Author Topic: A couple of JavaScript functional models - Feedback much appreciated!  (Read 1788 times)

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Hello everybody,

A few months back I mentioned I was working on a project/report, and am looking at creating a pure JavaScript option for WDL.

For the project itself, it is required that I get some feedback from people who may be interested in the outcome.
So, if anybody would like to check out these two models and have a play, and chuck down any comments you may have about them it would be greatly appreciated! :D

The models update every five seconds, or can be forced to update by pressing the "update" button. They also have some input boxes you can use to manually enter values (pressing "draw" after entering the values).

Please note: The designs themselves are still very simple at this stage, and many visual aspects are still in development (e.i., fonts, colours etc.). However the functionality is what is key, so please do try these on any device you may have, on any browser, resize the window and do anything you can think of! :lol: (Hover-over tool tips are planned, but not implemented yet, and they will explain what the dials indicate for any casual viewers.)

Thank you very much in advance,
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