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Author Topic: GraphWeather xml file for 'format' instruction  (Read 2108 times)

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GraphWeather xml file for 'format' instruction
« on: April 01, 2016, 02:12:38 PM »
I'm very happy with the look of the graphs produced by GraphWeather, and the customization that can be done.

I'm very new to the program, and not speaking nor reading French, have not been able to get much out of the numerous other forums for that program, and have only the example .xml files to study. 

One very tough problem for me is the learn what the 'format=' portion of the command strings does, and what the correct syntax and options are.

I've found that 'format=3' gives a three digit text on the graph, and also 'format=.2' forces two decimal places.

But a problem I haven't been able to solve is when I have the x-axis graph with major ticks shown for the times and dates, that while the time comes out ok, the non-US form of placing the date is shown.  For example 30/3 for March 30th.

I cannot find anything in the .xml language references (slim if any) on the net to see if that syntax applies to the .xml files GraphWeather uses.

Has anyone seen anything about how to format, or successfully modified GraphWeather .xml files with this type of option?