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Author Topic: WxSIM Chart Errors  (Read 1426 times)

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WxSIM Chart Errors
« on: August 11, 2015, 03:23:37 AM »
I upgraded my OS and my version of PHP to 5.6.12 and my WxSIM Chart is no longer working. I have had a bit of trouble getting some of the scripts on my site working and I think I'm down to the last one needing fixed.

I get a flood of the following when I try to run this script:
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: offest in C:\inetpub\weathercat\wxsimchart\meteogram\highchart.wxsim.php on line 109 PHP

Here is what the page looked like.

I know this is an older script and may not be compatible with my version of PHP but when looking for a new version I keep running into broken download links.

Can someone help me fix this or point me to something similar that may work for me?
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