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Author Topic: Older version needs - Missing older version of WD - May and June 2015  (Read 1202 times)

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Seeking older version of WD.

Searching for these versions:
10.37R Build 274th  -  10th June 2015
10.37R Build 273rd  -  7th June 2015
10.37R Build. 272  -  30th May 2015
10.37R Build 271  -  29th May 2015

When I in May month bought a license for WD, did everything that I needed work perfect in the program, but after a few updates stopped WD to view my rain gauge.
Other WD users who have the same type of weather station have the same problem, so it is not WD settings I have wrong.

Hoping to be able to get it working again, I search for previous release versions of the program, I will be great if I get it working again.

I am very grateful, why there is a forum user, who saved these versions, and that will help me / us further.

Send me a PM.

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if you are referring to an Irox station
then make sure to be using the .zip update..rain should be working ok...yes?
those older versions will not help for the rain from an irox as there was misdibge code to handle rsim amounts
unless you use the older build 81..which will be ok