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iWD for Android App
« on: September 13, 2013, 03:57:41 AM »
The iWD for Android App is available from the Play Store:

Note: Your phone must support NEON for the iWD for Android App to work properly.  You can determine whether your phone provides NEON support using this free app.

The preferred method to leave the iWD for Android App is to use your Home Button, it will time out after a bit...
If the iWD App does lock up and all you can access is a Black Screen use your Application Manager to "Stop" the app, it should launch normally after that.

Setup Tab:

1: Turn the app ON

2: Tap the default address and your keyboard will open, back space to
remove the default address and enter the Clientraw address you want to use.
You must use the FULL address to the clientraw file ie... or

3: Press one of the bookmarks to Save the address you entered.

4: Tap the Number to the right of Update Rate and select the number of seconds for updating when the app is open

5: Tap the Color selection to the right of Data Color and select the color you want the data displayed in on the Weather Tab
(there are over 130 colors listed)

6: Tap Photo Library to select a different background image

7: Tap the Circle Arrow to start the first Update and you will automatically me moved to the Weather tab

8: Trash Can to delete a bookmark

9: Trash can to remove user selected background and return to the default background

10: Tabs listed scross top allow you to navigate to any tab.

  Entering Clientraw location     Unit Selections:

Weather tab:

1: Station Identification and time of last update

2: Current Temperature

3: High Temp for day

4: Low Temp for day

5: Current Humidity

6: Current Barometric Reading

7: Rain for day

8: Current Wind Speeed

9: Current Wind Direction

10: Current Condition Icon
  Graph Selections
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