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Author Topic: Consolewd for RaspberryPI - step by step install  (Read 17852 times)

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Consolewd for RaspberryPI - step by step install
« on: September 01, 2013, 01:27:18 PM »
First step install extra libs

1.1 install usb libs

1.1.1 modify    /etc/apt/sources.list

Add one  line to that file, remember to use sudo or use the gui in a root file-manager window

deb sid main

1.1.2 execute in a terminal window

sudo apt-get install libudev-dev
sudo apt-get install libusb-dev

1.2 install libhid

1.2.1  download from
It is placed into your home folder

1.2.2 modify in the downloaded folder libhid/test/lshid.c line 41
Reads now:
len = *((unsigned long*)custom);
modify that one line and add the extra two lines:
//len = *((unsigned long*)custom);
len = len;
custom = custom;

1.2.3 When you are in that folder in a terminal window
sudo ./configure && make
  at the end you will get an error 2 in the make part, ignore that
sudo make install
  this finishes without errors

1.3 install libusb

1.3.1 download from

1.3.2 in a terminal-window go into that folder and type
sudo ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static && make
  at the end you will get an error 1, ignore those
sudo make install
  this finishes without errors

- - - - - - this finishes the first step

Second step, install and test consolewd

2.1  download from

2.2 unzip the folder

2.3 modify the text file config.txt in the unzipped folder with your settings

2.4  and copy  the consolewdfiles folder to your pi folder on the RaspberryPI

Do not read or use the readme.txt when it is dated in the past.
So do not try to use    sudo ./

2.3 Set all rights of the consolewdfiles folder to 777 including all of its its contents

2.4 copy all files from the consolewdfiles/deploy to the systemfolders
go into the consolewdfiles/deploy folder in your terminal window and type
sudo cp *.so /usr/lib/
sudo cp *.so /usr/local/lib/

2.6 start consolewd by typing
sudo ./consolewd

 - - -
errors which may pop up
In the deploy folder simply copy  to  and do step 2.4 again

At least this list (got it from Raspi), tested it a few times for writing an instruction in Dutch, works for me.

Succes, Wim
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