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Author Topic: Connect your VP over Ethernet - Inexpensively*  (Read 3891 times)

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Re: Connect your VP over Ethernet - Inexpensively*
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2017, 07:13:21 PM »
Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think I will order some cheap Chinese ones off ebay and try them out in a test setup (tap off the VP2 console RS232 transmit and monitor it on another PC) and see how well it performs before I integrate it in to my live weather station setup.

I think mostly it will depend on the stability of your network. By definition wired will be more stable than wifi since you don't have multiple devices fighting over the same bandwidth/connection and it will be way less susceptible to interference from e.g. microwave ovens.

and the neighbors.... Yep I totally agree with you here and only use wireless when I have to e.g. tablets, mobile phones, etc. I have currently been installing cat6 around my house including a link for my new server which will include my Weather Display execution hence the use of the RS232<->Ethernet converters.