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Solar sensor construction
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:08:00 AM »
I am in the process of adding a Hobby Boards solar sensor to my 1 wire station. I have read various posts about mounting the sensor and some use a ping pong ball. I aquired some recently but was surprised that they don't pass much light through them.
Does the sensor require visible light or ultra violet wavelength. I have some confusion over this as some people seem to measure ultra violet and others solar light?????
My question is.... do I use a standard white ping pong ball or is there a clear type, what else can I use to protect the sensor.

Looking at the spectrum of the solar sensor of 850nm puts it at the lower end of the electromagetic infrared spectrum. I think that answers my question as Infrared will clearly go through a white ping pong ball..
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