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Some helpful hints
« on: September 14, 2012, 08:48:56 PM »
Recently my OS became corrupted and I need to reload it. (XP)  Since I had to reload all my programs I decided to upgrade to the latest WD.  I was using a really old program, over 5 years old, and had no idea where my unlock codes were for the newer version.  While waiting for Brian to email me a new unlock code, I tried to set up CWOP.  I have been reporting to them for almost ten years (CW0774).  Try as I might I was unable to even get a test send to Findu.  After reading some of these posts I figured out that the croncwop.exe is sometimes blocked by antivirus software.  And so it was with me, only in this case Bitdefender completely removed it from the WD folder.  After reloading WD and making an exception for that program, Bitdefender left it alone.
After getting the unlock code and registering WD, I was still not able to get CWO to upload.  That is when I found the very useful function of "Clear registry and Restart"  under the Action tab of WD.  On restart everything was wiped clean in the setups.  I reentered my settings, and everything worked as advertised.  I must have really scrambled the registry  while messing with settings when croncwop.exe was missing.
One more point that be more a fault of how I have things set up.  I report to aprs every 30 minutes with a 4 minute offset.  That is 2:34, 3:04 etc.  I also send weather emails every three hours on the hour.  CWOP will not send the 4 minutes past the hour report on the same hour that the email has been sent. If I change the email times to 6 minutes prior to the hour CWOP sends as scheduled.
Hope this is of help to anyone setting up CWOP.