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Author Topic: VVP and WxSolution  (Read 3352 times)

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VVP and WxSolution
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:51:15 PM »
I have been using VVP for several years, and just recently have developed a problem with WxSolution communicating with VVP. I ran WxSoultion for at least 2 years with no problems at all. I have a vantage pro2 station, running windows xp with a serial data logger. I also run weatherlink and cumulus. They are communicating with VVP just fine, but WxSolution will connect, then after about 15 seconds display the red reception lost message at the top. I click on the status screen on VVP, and it says "sending loop x of 255", with x being a number counting up until the lost reception screen appears. It then restarts at sending loop 1 of 255, and doesn't do anything else. I can click to restart communications on the port for WxSolution in VVP, and it will reconnect, but only for about 15 seconds again. I have connected WxSolution directly to my com port and it works flawlessly. I have also tried only connecting WxSolution to VVP, with no other programs running, and it still stops communicating.

Here is the View Log information from WxSolution:
2012-06-10 22:30:53.146   CVantagePro::TestComm before
2012-06-10 22:30:54.583   CVantagePro::TestComm after
2012-06-10 22:30:55.505   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:30:55.505   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:39.614   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:39.614   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:41.630   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:41.630   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:43.646   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:43.646   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:45.646   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:45.646   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:47.677   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:47.677   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:49.724   RequestLoopPacket incomplete.
2012-06-10 22:31:49.724   LOOP Data(0)(empty)
2012-06-10 22:31:49.724   RequestLoopPacket -- force reset: BadPacketCount > 5
2012-06-10 22:31:52.255   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:31:54.302   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:31:56.271   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:31:58.271   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:32:00.302   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:32:02.458   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK
2012-06-10 22:32:04.286   PutSerialStr_V(LOOP) failed -- no ACK

I have rolled back to earlier versions of VVP and WxSolution, but the same thing happens. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both programs with no luck.

I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

-Drew R
Davis Vue
Win Vista