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Author Topic: Recovering Weather Display Configuration  (Read 13272 times)

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Recovering Weather Display Configuration
« on: May 20, 2012, 10:36:21 AM »
Occasionally, if the PC is shut down unexpectedly (mains power failure or such like) some users have reported that the Weather Display Configuration is lost and on restarting the program screen is blank and no data is being downloaded.
This is normally caused by the "WDISPLAY.INI" file becoming corrupted during the hard shut down, possibly because it was in the process of backing up the file at the time of the shut down.

Here is how to get your configuration back again:

Do this part before you loose configuration!!
For this process to work you need to have the Data Backup turned ON. This is the default setting on recent versions of Weather Display but to check you need to go to:
1. Control Panel > Data Backup > Turn the switch to "ON"
2. Set the directory (if you want something other that then default).
3. Set the hour that the backup occurs.
4. Place a tick in the box marked "Include the registry entry".
5. Click "Back Up Now" if this has not been done before.

Now the recovery process:

1. Close Weather Display and all associated programs.

2. Open the main Weather Display program folder and look for a folder called "databackup".

3. Open "databackup" and look for the folder for the current month, it will be named with the month & year like this:

4. Un-ZIP this folder and you will find a file called "WDISPLAY.INI"

5. Copy WDISPLAY.INI and paste it into the main Weather Display program folder (C:\wdisplay) to replace the corrupted one that's in there.

6. Restart Weather Display and it should start normally and download the missing data from your datalogger, if you have it set to do so.
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