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As of today Weather Display Live has been sold to Brian Hamilton of Weather Display Ltd.

Weather Display Live has become part of the Weather Display range of products which will provide many benefits such as clearer support, bundle pricing and co-ordinated future development.

WDL has never been my full time job but after 8 years of development and support, and with the day job increasingly leaving me little free time, it is the right time to pass it on to Brian.

I may continue to develop WDL if Brian wishes, indeed a new version will be released shortly, but WDL is now Brianís product.

I'm not planning to go anywhere and will still be around on the forum for help and support occasionally, but for all puchasing, future development requests, serial questions etc, please contact Brian.


Tis a sad day when Real Life (job) interferes with fun ;)

Though in today's world having a Job is an accomplishment all of it's own :(

Julian thank you for all your work with developing WDL, which IMHO helped set WeatherDisplay even further above other weather software options...

Glad you will be hanging around :)

All the best,

Bob, thanks for your kind words - that means a lot. Yes, I'll still be here!



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