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Author Topic: Missing Gauges after editing gauges.htm template on one device but not others.  (Read 3478 times)

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I am having a weird problem.
I have edited the gauges.htm template to my liking.
2 rows of each 4 gauges.
I left out the uv and solar gauges.
I did disable these 2 gauges in the script and removed the lines from the  template accordingly.
It does show fine on my pc.
Here it is.

It does show fine on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1v running HoneyComb 3.01
It does show fine on my brothers Motorola Xoom tablet running HoneyComb 3.2
However it does not on my Transformer Prime running Ice Cream Sandwitch 4.0.3.
I am missing the rainrate gauge.
I have tried 3 different browsers, stock ICS, ICS+ and the Dolphin HD browser but all give me the same result.
The rainrate gauge is missing.
Screenshot Transformer Prime

Another template where I reordered the gauges does show fine on all 3 devices I mentioned earlier but leaves out the whole second row.
Screenshot Transformer Prime
On all gauges text pop ups when clicking.
The original template that came with 1.65 shows all gauges on the Transformer Prime browser just fine.


Anyone knows what's going on here.

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I can't see a problem.

Both your meters4.htm and meters5.htm pages load fine on my TouchPad running Android ICS with the default browser.

Could it be a script timeout issue, the device just isn't fast enough to process the script before the browser kills it?

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I just tried to load your gauges page with my Transformer 101 running ICS. Using Firefox and
Chrome, the rain gauge loads fine. However, with the old default browser and the ICS Browser+
that came along with the ICS upgrade, your rain gauge does not load.

My gauges all load fine with all four browsers on my Transformer, rain gauge included. So, I
don't know what to tell you...  :-s
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