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Author Topic: SteelSeries Gauges moved to a child board under Graphics  (Read 7179 times)

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SteelSeries Gauges moved to a child board under Graphics
« on: March 05, 2012, 07:28:53 PM »
I've moved the SteelSeries Graphics posts (including the mega-thread) to a new child board under the Graphics board. I was asked "Why there?" and the answer is...

1) Partly because they are scripts which generate graphics. They're not really intended to be modified by the user, they are intended to be included with your own scripts to generate graphics for your web site. Much of the other discussion here centres around creation and modification of scripts to create web sites (or parts of web sites).

2) The current developer (mcrossley) suggested that he thought the best place for them was under the Graphics board.

There are pros and cons of putting threads of the biggest drivers for me was to allow some very long threads (which no-one reads completely and can cause forum performance issues) to break into smaller threads on more specific topics.
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