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Author Topic: 1-wire Hobby Boards update  (Read 2263 times)

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1-wire Hobby Boards update
« on: August 10, 2004, 03:27:45 AM »
I know that somebody was asking about hobby boards recently. Here's an update from Eric on the current status of kits.

Just wanted to send an update on Hobby-Boards to everyone.

First off thanks for all the support you guys have given me. I appreciate all the orders.

I will have some items back in stock by this weekend or early next week. The Humidity/Temperature units will not be available for some time since Dallas hasn't released the new temp sensor yet. Also I will be out of stock on the Solar kits for a while because I just got a big shipment of the sensors but they sent me the wrong parts (after waiting almost a month).

Some good news is that I will have about 25 barometer kits available and if the final testing goes well I will have the Mini Motion Sensor kits available (finally got the parts from Japan). For those who just want the PIR sensor I will making those available as well.

I will send another post when I get the website updated.

Cheers, Colin.