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Author Topic: Piece of weather equipment I want Now!!!!!!!!  (Read 2030 times)

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Piece of weather equipment I want Now!!!!!!!!
« on: May 27, 2004, 11:05:02 PM »
We all continue to find new things we want.  Well I got one.  I want on of those River Gages like they use here :twisted:

the reason why I thought about this, is because I had a thunderstorm here that dumped 1.00" of rain in about 30 min.  There is a stream in my yard that is normally about 1 foot wide and 2 inches deep.  However, after the storm the stream was about 10 ft wide and 2 ft deep.  I was thinking about how much water that is.  So I want a personal river gage now.  

Brian, can you add that to the WD features  :wink:
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