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First, was not sure to what category this fits best so Niko, feel free to move it if needed...

We like new toys, right? :)

To do long story short..Since i saw the GFS-maps on Wetterzentrale i have had a small wish about doing own ones. Few days ago i runned over an another finnish wx-site who had did own maps and also some info about with what they are done. Soo...After a few days of reading, searching, much trial/errors i have get something out from it...

The magic app here is GrADS or OpenGrADS what i use. Its available for both UNIX- and Windows-systems, for free. Its not world most easiest app to setup but once it done, it will work automatic. Its pure commandline + textfile-based scripts and needs a x-server on the box (OpenGrADS is bundled with Xming x-server, also free).

One can create own scripts what include all needed commands so just one command is needed when runs it or just use ready-made scripts whats included in the package. One can create a map from almost all thinkable variables, there are 200+ to choose from in the gfs-files and they what still missing you can calculate :)
Gfs-data is aviable in 3hr - ratio so there are 8 timesecvences per day to use, they are updated 4 times a day by NOAA's superduper-puters at 00Z,06Z,12Z,18Z and are aviable about 4.5 hours later.

For more info:
- OpenGrADS

I really suggest to read trought the pages and especially Documentation-section on GrADS site, it include also a list of all possible commands etc.

Attached two of my test-images i did, meteogram for my location and one map of the maps did. For the maps you get 8 maps for each day of forecast so ex. 72 hours gives 24 maps. There are 7 days of forecasts aviable.
I did a script where i create a set of 12 different maps (ex. temp,wind,Cape etc) for next 72 hours, this give me almost 300 maps, runned with just one command. This is runned with System-scheduler with a .bat-file and i have Fling-FTP to upload them to server. No page up yet, but will come on my site soon.

Also, when creating maps it downloads lots of data, my set of 12 maps for 72 hours downloaded 180 meg of data and it takes time, that set took about half an hour to do,so its need a dedicated wx-PC.  

 :D :D


Any chance you want to share the scripts you use for this? :)


Nice one, I wondered how you created those on your site, thanks ever so much for the how to :)
Sadly i aint got the foggiest as to what to do, its all irish to me :(

Chris, you need to download a program thats link in weatherc's post!

Yeah, I have the program. But you need scripts for the program to make those nice maps and animations. :)

Ah, thats why i cant figure out diddly squat then pmsl....


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