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Author Topic: Home Built, Kit and 1-wire Board  (Read 16737 times)

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Home Built, Kit and 1-wire Board
« on: December 24, 2006, 09:24:53 PM »
I've added this board as a home for discussions about home built weather stations/sensors/kits and 1-wire sensors/stations. Some people like to buy a fully built station so that they can start monitoring the weather as quickly as possible. Others like the challenge (and possibly cost savings) of building their own (electronic) stations to their own specification and others like to supplement their purchased station with additional sensors. This is the place to discuss those types of projects.

Hopefully in time we'll see topics covering suggestions of how to build individual sensors or complete stations, how to build and configure 1-wire sensors/stations, and maybe even some fully designed/documented station/sensor projects.

It will be interesting to see how this board develops. When I have time I like to try homebrewed electronics projects and I think there are quite a few other people like this on the forum. If someone can invent a 48 hour day for me to fit in some electronic project work I'd be pleased to hear from you!
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